I must admit that this is a difficult question to answer for some people and it is also an easy answer for others. For those of you who would say that it is an easy question it is more than likely because of two things. 1) You love doing projects around the house and you have an adventurous spirit. 2) You would rather pay someone money than you do it yourself. The alternative is true as well. If it is a difficult question to answer, it is more than likely because you are wrestling with the cost of the project and you think you would rather do it yourself to save money. Either way, it is a very important question to ask as you think about your upcoming painting project. Below are some reasons for why you should think more about hiring a professional painter.

  1. They know how to get the job done right. Think about all of the time they spend painting. I think we all would agree that it is an art form. If any of you have ever tried to paint, then you will know that it is more difficult and tedious than you might think. If you have ever tried to edge a corner or a window or a baseboard, then you know the difficulty that comes when painting. It is very easy to get paint in lots of different places that you do not want. A professional painter is skilled in cutting in and out of certain corners. They have done this a thousand times. Therefore, they are really good at what they do. Think about it from this standpoint. They have spent time being trained a mentor painter. A painter that has walked beside them to show them the exact nature of their trade. On top of this, they have spent countless hours on other people’s homes getting better at their trade. So make sure you have confidence in them because they really are professionals.
  2. They have the right equipment to paint your home. This can often times be something that is overlooked. When you go to Home Depot, you begin to look through all the different painting supplies. Which paint brush do you need? Which rollers work best? Should I get a large roller or a smaller one? Should I get an edger? All of these questions can drive you crazy. Plus, think about when you choose the wrong roller or brush. Perhaps, it is a cheap brush. Then, the paint is not going to stick and it is going to show that it was done in an unprofessional manner. When you hire a professional painting company, then you easily are going to get someone who has the right painting tools to complete you job. They will have quality professional painting tools that will give you a nice finished look on your walls. This is really the look you are going for anyway.
  3. They know which paints to use. What kind of paint would you pick out? I am not just talking about color. I am talking about the actual paint. Do you need oil paint? Latex? What is a good brand to use? All of these are great questions. Obviously, you can find the answers to these in other areas. However, it gives you a peace of mind when you hire someone to come in and paint your home who knows what is the best paint that will work for your room.
  4. Finally, they make your job easier. For me, this is the biggest reason why I would hire someone. Think about the amount of time and energy you would need to spend painting your room. Especially, when you think about the amount of time it takes to prime the room. Then, what if you have to put 2 more coats of paint down. Before you know it, you have 3 coats of paint and about 6-8 hours of painting time involved. For professional painters, they easily can come in and provide you will a great painting job in an efficient manner. Often times, you will find that they can finish jobs in one or two days. They can do this while you continue to move on with your life. We live in Kansas City and we were looking for Exterior Painters. We were able to find a great company who met our needs and finished the job right. I think I am more favorable towards house painters since having a great experience. We also moved from outside of Denver a few years back. We found some great painters in our area. They also did a fabulous job on our home. Although we did a ton of research for both of these, it paid off in the end.Please feel free to leave a comment letting us know whether you have had good experiences or bad experiences with house painters.